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Mismatch Uncertainty in VNA Measurements

Question asked by Andrew004 on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2016 by daras
Hi guys,

First off....thank you for all of the help. This forum has been one of my go to sources for information. My question/verification is: does the VNA uncertainty calculator account for mismatch between the VNA and the UUT? If I input our UUT's spec for VSWR into the S11 input in the calculator, I was under the impression it was used in the error calculation for mismatch. I see in the formula's page for the calculator that it lists ESF and ELF as two of the terms for error (source and load match). So composing an uncertainty budget, I wouldn't need to add an additional mismatch term to the total? Also in terms of disconnecting the cable from the E-Cal and applying to the UUT, that error would be accounted for in the connector repeatability term under the Stability section?