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Monitor ACPR Measurement Complete

Question asked by kapurm on Jul 15, 2015

I want to  monitor when ACPR measurement is complete on Keysight N9020A MXA (FW ver. A.14.10)  I get a *timeout error* 
started with 10,000 ms, increased till 800,000 ms. This tells me my logic for checking is incorrect I have tried following sequence of 

*Version 1*
*CLS (clear all status registers)
*OPC (sets the standard event status register to monitor the completion of all commands)
*STB? (query the value of the status byte register without erasing its contents)
poll bit 5 of the status register in a While Loop

To summarize, my strategy is *use *OPC and then read *STB? in a loop until bit 5 of the register is set to 1*. My issue is 
Bit 5 is never set to 1, even after ACPR data is available on the Spectrum Analyzer. I constructed Version 2 after reading below thread
E5052B - when is my trace ready for transfer?


*Version 2*
*CLS (clear all status registers)
STAT:QUES:INT:ENAB 32 (monitor only bit 5 events)
*SRE 32 (output from bit 5 of the Status Byte Register enabled)

Does anyone know how to monitor when ACP measurement is complete? Thank you for your time