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Tri-frequency Harmonic balance

Question asked by alexi on Feb 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by alexi

I am trying to optimize a PA that is supposed to work at three frequencies concurrently, providing some specified values of fundamental output power and PAE. I have tried to setup simulation as (partly) shown  in the attachment. Through this setup, i want to optimize PA at 0.9, 2.14 and 2.6 GHz. But, this setting gives some error regarding failure to do cost evaluation.

Previously, I have done S-parameter optims at multiple frequencies, and that case was easier since the input is only a term with no frequency information. In contrast, in HB, the input v1tone source carries frequency information, and above that it should match to HB controller frequency. And that's why i am finding it difficult. Please suggest a remedy.