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ARB waveform sequencing problem (all ARBs are "scaled" to same high value)

Question asked by tero on May 15, 2015

I have tried to to create sequence of ARB waveforms with 33522B. However ARB waveforms do not behave correctly when used in the part of the sequence. All the ARB in sequence have same "max" value, although it should be different.  This happens even with simple sequence consisting of two ARBs. Example below could be done of course using single ARB, but it is described as sequence to present the problem.

ARB1: Falling ramp from 2V --> 1V (in 50msec time)
ARB2: single 20Hz sine wave 1Vp-p and 1V offset.

SEQ: single ARB1, single ARB2

The problem is that ARB2 have wrong "offset" in the sequence. ARB2 maximum level should be 1.5V (min 0,5V max 1,5V), but in sequence it is level shifted to 2V (min 1V, max 2V). Screenshots from the waveform builder attached. Same level shifting as in 33522B output can also be seen in the waveform builder.

Sequence is created using waveform builder pro 3.20.00 trial version.

How the sequence should be created if the ARBs do not have same maximum value?