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N1500A Materials Measurment Software Stack Transmission Mu and EpsilonModel

Question asked by djackson on Feb 9, 2016
Has anyone tried to measure materials using the Stack Transmission Mu and Epsilon Model in the N1500A software?  I am looking for some examples or general measurement advice to perform a free space measurement using this model as the help file does not provide much information.  I am attempting to measure some magnetic absorber material sheets in the 1 to 6GHz range in order to determine both permittivity and permeability.  Can this model handle measure this type of lossy material or is there a better standard method?  I have been able to measure Rexolite (eps=2.54, mu= 1) with this method but not the magnetic absorber material (expected eps@20, expected mu@5).  Does it matter if my known dielectric material permittivity is lower than the material that I am trying to measure?  Does the thickness of my known dielectric compared to my sample material under test thickness matter?  Thanks for any information you can provide.