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State files on one ENA won't work on another ENA

Question asked by krugman on Aug 28, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2007 by krugman
We have several ENA5071B Netwrk analysers
We find that we can save the analyser state to a disk
and then copy that file to another ENA5071B but the
other analyser is unable to read those state files, it just
goes beep and an error message appears in the bottom
left corner of the display saying "Racall failed"

Any ideas ?
We could do with resolving this problem as we have
about 5 of these things and don't really want
to have to sit there and manually configure each one.

We are a little averse to updating the firmware on these,
as we have hired them.

Edit: A thought occurs to me, we have the save type set to State & Cal
this might be the problem, can't tell yet as the other analysers are on a different site