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Cannot communicate with Infiniium VSA via GPIB

Question asked by ushamsi on Sep 29, 2015
I am cabled up to the VSA via a NI "GPIB-USB-B" USB-to-GPIB adapter.

I am using NI "Measurement & Automation Explorer" to try and verify basic communication.

The GPIB-USB-B adapter shows up as "GPIB0".  Normally, when I cabled it up to some instrument (for example, an Agilent attenuator driver), I can reliably select 'GPIB0' and click 'Scan for Instruments' and detect the instrument, complete with reporting the GPIB address.

But when I repeat with the Infiniium VSA, I get a "There was an error performing instrument scan" message.

I have already taken the following steps:
- Made sure the adapter was already plugged in when I powered up the instrument.
- Waited LOOONG time after boot up before attempting scan for instruments to give time for any GPIB drivers to load.
- ensured that any 'Lock front Panel' attribute was not set to True.
- Ensured long time out (10 sec) which should be more than long enough for a simple address query.

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Here are other details:

Model:  Agilent Infiniium VSA80000A (I realize this model has been discontinued, but I believe it is closely related to continuing products, and this problem seems to be one potentially applicable to those models as well)
Version of NI Measurement and Automation Explorer: 5.4.0f0
ni488.2 (i.e, GPIB) version: 3.11
NIVISA version: 5.3