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N9010A, how to tie 3 different Markers to 3 different Traces via IVI-COM

Question asked by kirko7 on May 5, 2015
I have 3 Traces on the screen and I have them defined as:

     *IAgXSAnTrace TraceAve = SignalAnalyzerDriver.Traces.get_Item("Trace1");*
     *TraceAve.Type = AgXSAnTraceTypeEnum.AgXSAnTraceTypeVideoAverage;*

     *IAgXSAnTrace TraceMax = SignalAnalyzerDriver.Traces.get_Item("Trace2");*
     *TraceMax.Type = AgXSAnTraceTypeEnum.AgXSAnTraceTypeMaxHold;*

     *IAgXSAnTrace TraceMin = SignalAnalyzerDriver.Traces.get_Item("Trace3");*
     *TraceMin.Type = AgXSAnTraceTypeEnum.AgXSAnTraceTypeMinHold;*

I also have 1 Marker defined as:

     *IAgXSAnSAMarker Marker1 = SignalAnalyzerDriver.SA.Marker;*

I'd like to somehow create 3 unique Markers and assign each Marker to its corresponding Trace but I don't know how to do that (I used the example that came with the driver to get by so far).
Any help appreciated!

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