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Measure Delay from Trigger?

Question asked by mr.crc on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by tonyB
On a DSO-3000X, I'd like to measure the period of a clock signal with a high degree of time resolution.  This may be to determine jitter, or to characterise intermittent anomalies.
So I configure a simple edge trigger, then delay it so I've got the next edge centered on the screen.  I zoom in until the delay resolution is fine enough I can set it to the exact period of my signal and also the jitter.
Trouble is, I can't measure anything now, since there aren't two edges on the screen.  If I zoom out enough to see a full period, of course with many periodic signals the jitter is just to low to measure using displayed data.
What I want to measure then is the delay since trigger, with the successive edge zoomed in.  This is a great way to qualitatively look at jitter, but it is unfortunate that nothing else can be done with it.  The scope knows the trigger delay, so it could easily calculate delay since trigger using the display data and get good results.  Only trigger jitter and skew would be included.  But presumably we are talking here about a signal which is worse than the scope's trigger jitter, but much better than what can be measured with a full period on screen.

Shouldn't this be an added capability?