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Issues with correction file recall (N9917A)

Question asked by nicolap on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by danielyap
I am trying to load correction factors from a file using command:


as illustrated on the online programming manual at

where MyAntenna is replaced with the actual name of the correction file.

Firstly, I noticed that, unlike indicated in the help file, I did need to include the extension (which in my case was .ANT) to have the FieldFox correctly load the file into memory, otherwise I would get the error message:
"15, File Error: Recall {0} Failed.; File Error: Recall [INTERNAL]:\Antenna\MyAntenna"

Secondly, it happens that even though the file is correctly loaded, I get the following warning message:

"14, Recalled {0}; Recalled [INTERNAL]:\Antenna\MyAntenna"

It looks like FF executs two recalls in sequence, the first one being "fake" or virtual, and the second one being the actual one.

Any hints about how to solve the double recall?