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N6705B screen capture remotely

Question asked by josephchoi001 on Oct 15, 2014
Hi all

I'm using C# to control 6705B now. (DC source with scope view capability)

the problem is i stuck in screen capture remotely.
just want screen capture and transfer to my control PC but still have problem.

below code is what i did thesedays,

////// start C# code ///////

            my6705B.WriteString("hcop:sdump:data?", true);                    ///////   ==> request gif format data,
            string image_format = my6705B.ReadString();                        //////  ==> i received gif format data and put into string variable.

////////////////////    from now how do i handle this received data?
///////////////////   what i did is convet this sting variable to byte array,,, then convert to image but error....  like below

               System.Text.UnicodeEncoding encode = new System.Text.UnicodeEncoding();
                byte[] byte_array22 = encode.GetBytes(gif_format);

                MemoryStream ms4 = new MemoryStream(byte_array22);
                Image image = Image.FromStream(ms4);

does anyone know easy way to capture this image?
please advice,

joseph Choi

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