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Question asked by nazaryan on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by aehoward
Hi folks, 
This is my first post in this forum. 
I spent 2-3 days reading a manual and guides, trying to to understand how to use the tools of Keysight for microwave, RF and in high-speed links design. 
So far in my understanding:

Genesys  - subsystem level design. Low level design by active and passive components. Able to design any IP core for high speed communication system like SerDes, CDR, Decoder, Modulation blocks. PA etc. what else?  
SystemVue - system level. using blocks to make a system level simulation. what else? 
ADS  - transmission line simulate, board level simulation, S-parameter calculation.   what else?

Please correct me and add your comments. I want to clearly understand what exactly I can do with these tools. I want to understand the hierarchical levels. 
Thanks a lot.