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How to source power cal E8362B VMC measurement?

Question asked by SteveE. on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by daras
Using an older E8362B (500Mhz CPU 06.04.32 firmware); how can I perform a source power cal when doing a VMC measurement? The source power cal option is greyed out although it looks like one could turn a source power cal correction on and off if there was one done. Is it even possible? I know that a source power cal is a critical part of an SMC measurment calibration. Why does it appear to not be an option for VMC?
I checked on a PNA-X and it appears you can do a source power cal when running VMC, but obviously that is a newer firmware version (9.33 I believe). If it can't be done on the E8362B; with which model and firmware was it introduced?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide

Stephen Estrin
Principle Test Engineer
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