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MSOX3000 sample clock to trigger offset?

Question asked by MarkL on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by MarkL
I'm trying to perform some waveform averaging of 900MHz signals on an external PC using an MSOX3104.  I'm using a single channel so the scope is running at 5GS/s, and I'm downloading all 4M points in the raw record.

I've noticed that the downloaded waveform has a jitter of +/-100ps because it is referenced to the sample clock.  This is not a surprise, but I can't figure out how to determine the trigger offset from the sample clock so that repeated acquisitions are aligned as best as possible.

The offset does not appear to be accounted for in the waveform preamble, which is where I would expect it.

I think the scope knows this offset because the display is clearly not jumping around by +/-100ps, but I can't find how to get the value via SCPI.

Any clues welcome; maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place for it.