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Setting TraceTitle property to any value turns on test port power

Question asked by andeezlemoyo on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by jvall
Hi All,

I encountered some alarming behavior tonight, I am working with an 2-port E8362C, running firmware version, A.09.42.22.  Alarming because I'm using a booster amp and it was on at the time.  I'm monitoring power with an independent N1913A power meter.

From a user preset with test port power OFF, default power -25 dBm, with power offset of +25 dBm, which puts the source level at -50 dBm, using COM, I created a measurement and then I dabbled with changing the TraceTitle property of the measurement, as soon as I set the title to, "asdfasd," the PNA suddenly turned on the port power, IGNORING my offset.  My aforementioned independent power meter was reading ~24 dBm and holding quite steady.  Once I triggered a sweep, the power level returned to where I expected it to be.  My power offset averages ~25 dBm .  Very strange. Glad I didn't blow anything up.  Fortunately port 1 was only connected to a U2000A power sensor and not my N4691B ecal module. Yikes.

Everything works as expected, and needed, until I set the trace title property.  I wonder if anyone can reproduce this behavior.  It seems like a bug.  One thing for sure, I won't "dabble" anymore with the booster amp powered up, duh.  But the question remains why the power turned on and the power offset was ignored?

Thanks for any help,