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3458A Vacuum Fluorescent tube replacement, 2090-0217

Question asked by vjsilva1 on Aug 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by rmax
I have a few 3458As that need a new display. One is very dim, another has a missing horizontal line of dots (verified it's the tube) and another has some random very low intensity dots.  I would like to purchase a new display, P/N 2090-0217 but in the parts webpage you get this message "Not orderable, Contact Keysight for repair service".

I realize this tube has changed the footprint slightly and requires some rework to make it work, but it's possible to do.
Is there any way to order P/N 2090-0217?  Maybe signing a "I assume all reponsibility" waiver?


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