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Agilent 53220A Counter Timer Will Not Initialise Using NI VI's!

Question asked by christopherpovey on Mar 6, 2015
I am running National Instruments 2012 Development Suite.

I have hooked up an Agilent 53220A to a PXI chassis via USB and MAX can see it.

If I use the D:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\instr.lib\Agilent 532XX Series\Public\ library to initialise it, it takes ages before finally timing out.  I opened all the VI and issued the commands manually using the Measurement and Automation Explorer as follows:

*IDN?\n = Returned the details of the Counter Timer.
*RST\n = Returned no errors.
*ESE 60;\n = Returned no errors.
*SRE 48;\n = Returned no errors.
*CLS;\n = Returned no errors.
:SYST:ERR?\n = The subsequent read then times out!

If I repeat the above but skip the "*SRE 48;" command it then works.

According to the User Guide and Programming Reference manual the command is Service Request Enable Register. "48" is defined as the following bits:

Bit 4 - Message Available
Bit 5 - Standard Event Summary

I have tried some experiments and it seems to be taking exception to the "*SRE 16;" command. If I change the LabVIEW code to use "*SRE 32;" instead of "*SRE 48;" then the devices initialises without error. 

Any ideas why the 53220A Counter Timer seems to be taking exception to the "*SRE 16;" command?