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HP8950A GPIB Programming manual?

Question asked by andersg on Feb 18, 2015
So, I have made some progress on my 8590A with the missing cable. I lobotomised and old IDE cable and hoopked up to my HP1630D analyser and GPIB adapter. The 8590A will print completely valid HP PCL when I push the print button.

I am unable to communicate with the unit as a target though. Ie it is completely unresponsive to commands like IDN? etc.

How do I tell the unit to be a controller or device? Or does it figure that out magically?

Is there a programming manual for the 8590A available somewhere? All I can find is one for the more recent children in the 8590-series?

OK. Suddenly it started working. I guess it needs a CR/LF after each command. IDN? now works. Still looking for manual though.

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Found one:

Quality is not stellar but will do.

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