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NMD 2.4mm to non-NMD 2.4mm connection procedure

Question asked by kayotte on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by kayotte
I'm wondering, what is the correct procedure is for connecting a NMD-2.4mm male connector (like the ports on my PNA have) to a normal 2.4mm cable or adapter?
The NMD 2.4mm male connectors are supposed to be compatible with normal 2.4mm connectors, and I know from personal experience you can connect them together and that is why they have the inner threads.  The recommended torque for an NMD 2.4mm is 12in-lbs, and for a normal 2.4mm it is 8 in-lbs.  It seems that the proper why to torque is to put the torque wrench on the NMD 2.4mm male connector coupling nut and hold the 2.4mm adapter still.  Do I need a special torque wrench that is .750" to fit on the NMD side and 8 in-lbs or can I use the normal 12 in-lbs wrench?