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BenchVue 2 is here!

Question asked by w0dz Employee on Dec 9, 2014
Keysight is proud to announce the release of BenchVue 2. As of today, you can download BenchVue at []. This release adds the following new features:
* Support for the new version of IO Libraries ver. 17 (Connection Expert) to make instrument discovery better than ever (also works with ver. 16.3)
* Support for two new classes of instruments: DAQ (34970A, 34972A) and certain Power Meters (USB sensors U2021XA and U2022XA)
* Support for the N6900 and N7900 Series Advanced Power System
* Tight integration with Waveform Builder Pro to make creation and editing of arbitrary waveforms easy. Recognizes existing WFB Pro licenses
* Unrestricted datalogging time by purchase of "Pro" apps, available for all instrument classes except the Power Meters. Prices range from $150 to $750
* Strip chart view for DMM (Base App), and digitizer mode, limits, alerts, histogram view (Pro App)
* Instrument control and measurement logging for Oscilloscopes
* More control of Spectrum Analyzer functions (Base App), and trace-data/screen-shot logging and deep memory capture (Pro App)
* Mobile App support for Function Generators and Spectrum Analyzers
* Usability enhancements
* New "Apps" tab to get license information and enable 30-day free trials on all Pro Apps
We've done exhaustive beta testing with customers and internal AE's as well as our R&D, Marketing and Support teams. We are totally committed to providing you the features you've been asking for. Please check it out, and let me know what you think!

*Note:* We've also identified some areas where you might encounter connectivity issues. Specifically, we recommend the following:
* Avoid USB 3.0 ports (marked "SS") or make sure you have the latest USB kernel driver for your PC's motherboard and use quality cables
* Avoid unpowered USB hubs if you need to use more than a couple of instruments on a laptop PC; use powered USB 2.0 hubs instead
* Avoid the use of GPIB addresses 9,11,13, 25, 27 and 29 on the 82357B USB-GPIB converter
* Use local subnets when connecting instruments over LAN to avoid autodiscovery of lots of unused instruments and potentially long time delays

Brian Wood
BenchVue Support