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Issues talking to Arduino Pro Mini and Arduino Uno

Question asked by anthony003 on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by anthony003

I have written a program in VEE Pro 9.3 that interfaces with an Arduino Pro Mini and an Arduino UNO. The issue that I have isn't so much seeing or establishing a connection with the Arduinos. It has more to do with communication to the devices. For example I have multiple functions that read and write to the Arduinos. Anytime I run the functions separately all works as intended. The main problem comes in when I try to execute the VEE program in its entirety. In my program a function first writes/reads to the Arduino Pro Mini. No problems at all. Then another function writes/reads to the Arduino Uno. Again no problems at all. Then as the program gets into the third function that contains similar write/reads to the Arduino Pro Mini VEE immediately spits out an 811 error. At this point I know my connections and addresses are correct because I have already established write/read capability. Again, I can execute the functions all day on their own one after another over and over again.  The only problem is when I execute the VEE program in its entirety. Any thoughts would be welcome.