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Aglient (HP) 8510C Network Analyzer

Question asked by krileyll on Jun 30, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by as39
I having a issue with the Aglient (HP) 8510C Network Anaylzer Unit, this is our main unit we use for testing and we began getting a system bus error message and also the following appears on the screen during start up:

Internal self test reported a failure
-the reported failure was the write/read bit #D3 section of the IF detector data test.

   Failure was:
   -Self Test 13 = IF Detector Data Test
    Sub Test 4 = Write/Read Bit #D3 Section

Causes of failure
1. 85102 Interconnect cable missing/damaged
2. 85102 A24 Failure
3. A7 I/O Board failure
4. 85102 "A6" failure
5. 85102 Motherboard or connector or cable failure
6. 85101 A8 Motherboard/Connector Failure

I have connected the network anaylzer (8510C Network Analyzer) with the Aglient (HP) 83640A Series Synethesized Sweeper and Aglient (HP) 8517A S-parameter Test Set. I have it connected in the manner as the attached the document.
And, I still cant figure out how to get rid of the system bus address error?