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EM vs Schematic Results

Question asked by jwinkl on Sep 12, 2014
I have two things:
1)  is there an independent company that provides tech support for Genesys?  Our company has 2004 and doesn't see a need to upgrade based on what we design.  Agilent won't provide tech support for this version either as a package or hourly.
2)  I have a simple GCPW and the EM results look good for S11.  If I place the EM results in a schematic with a 50 ohm resistor (and parasitic capacitance) to ground the results do not appear realistic (across internal ports 2 and 3 - 3 is the top ground plane).  The listing file mapped the board well.  When I add the ground symbol to port 3 all is well; however, this bypasses the via holes, etc.  If more info is needed I can send plots.