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8491A attenuator measurement with 8510C, pin depth issue

Question asked by gkrik on Jun 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2009 by gkrik
Hello to all.
I have the following issue at hand: We have recently received a set of 8491A attenuators, by one of our clients. We want to measure them with our 8510C VNA. Now, we have measured the pin depth of them and found it as given below:
3dB: (f)+0.00035 in / (m) -0.0020 in
6dB: (f) +0.0004 in / (m) -0.00165 in
10dB: (f) +0.0008 in / (m) -0.0026 in
20dB: (f) +0.0118 in / (m) -0.0014 in
Obviously we have some problem here, especially with the 20 dB attenuator (I have reasons to believe that the customer has repaired the female end of this one), since the female end of all attenuators protrudes. Should I dare measure them or do I risk damaging my connectors? Especially the 20 dB one seems dangerous! I could find the acceptable limits for these attenuators somewhere-of course I suppose that one could use the general ones for N-type connectors.
Thanks for any help...