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New to ADS: beginner-level questions...

Question asked by ojay on Nov 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by aehoward
Hello everyone. I am a college student currently using ADS for my term project. The objective is to design a microwave LNA with certain specs. I am currently trying to match the input for max available gain. I used the gain and noise circles to pick my point. 

The point corresponds to 18.5 + j 22.75 (non-normalized). My terminations are all 50 Ohm. Since I am new to ADS, I started doing this the only way I know: I build a new schematic with two 50 Ohms terminations. In between, I have placed an L network of microstrip lines with Z0 = 50. Their lines are to be adjusted such that Zin becomes 18.5 + j 22.75. 

I used the smith chart utility to map from 50 to that impedance and used linecalc (with my substrate model) to calculate the lengths of my line length and open stub. But when I place these values in the network and simulate to find Zin, I do not get 18.5 + j 22.75. 

I hope this is clear enough. I attached my files for your viewing.