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circuit component pin number does not match EM layout pin number

Question asked by mmm365 on Feb 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by HSLEE

I want to test run an ADS deck provided as an example to show a ADS EM solved layout can be used as a component in circuit simulation. I got the error below.
It seems the pin number of the EM component is the total port number(=10). However in the EM layout view, the actual pin number is bigger 36(greater than port number).
How to fix this?

(stdcmds.ael line 229, column 30) 
Failed to create netlist:
In design `MyLibrary_lib:AC_PDN_Impedance_v1:schematic':
The instance `I__8' has 10 pins, but the view `MyLibrary_lib:PDN_with_Trace_v1:emModel' requires 36 to 37 pins.