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Cannot disable source power calibration during a remote control Cal All s

Question asked by billblack on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by s.wood
I Cannot disable source power calibration during a remote control ‘Cal All’ session for a 'Standard' measurement class.  It works fine if I perform a 'Cal All' session via the front panel using the exact same instrument settings.

I’ve tried many ways to disable the source power calibration option during a remote control ‘Cal All’ session with no success. I’ve talked with Dr. Joel and he suggests I consult the documentation, specifically:

     System – CalAll – MCLass – STATE….and then look up the associated property for “Include Power Calibration”.

I found the following command that may have an effect:

SENSe:CORRection:COLLect:GUIDed:PSENsor[:STATe] , [src]

I have already tried this command, even using the specific ‘Cal All’ channel number…no worky.  Please advise.

Also related:
                 The “Abort Power Cal Sweep” command also does not appear to work in the ‘Cal All” session.

Also related:
     Is there a way to programmatically query the PNA for a pass/fail status regarding the individual calibration sweeps within a ‘Cal All’ session?  I need to direct program flow based on the sweep outcome…if it fails then I need to inform the operator to retry or abort.  Currently, the user would have to monitor the PNA screen for pass/fail indications and interpret it correctly…this technique is proving to be inadequate.