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IGuidedCalibrationPowerSensors interface not supported

Question asked by andeezlemoyo on Nov 14, 2014
Using DCOM with an 2-port E8362C, running firmware version, A.09.42.22.
I can do many things with DCOM and they work, however, the following code does not. When I try to evaluate a property on the IGuidedCalibrationPowerSensors interface, I get an error, "Method Count failed: No such interface supported."

Dim cm As ICalManager8 = CType(Me.PNA.GetCalManager(), ICalManager8)
Dim gc As IGuidedCalibration9 = CType(cm.GuidedCalibration, IGuidedCalibration9)
Dim pwrSensors As IGuidedCalibrationPowerSensors = CType(gc.GuidedCalibrationPowerSensors(Me.SourcePort), IGuidedCalibrationPowerSensors)
An error is thrown on debug.writeline. The error is, "Method Count failed: No such interface supported"

Several weeks ago I updated the firmware to the version mentioned above.

As I've indicated in other posts, I've performed a clean reinstall of the PNAProxy on my PC.

I'm starting to wonder if there is a problem on the PNA?

I used AgileUpdate to update the firmware and have since rebooted many times, and most things work for me.

Is there a manual way to clean the PNA so I can then reinstall the firmware on it?  I don't know if it will help or not. Guidance is much appreciated.

Thank you,


P.S. I've never tried before to use IGuidedCalibrationPowerSensors . So I don't know if it worked before I upgraded the firmware.

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