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File format HP8753B graphics file

Question asked by jawiko on Feb 11, 2015

I successfully managed to store data from my 8753B onto an emulated disk drive (, works perfectly fine! The data is stored on an SD card in a LIF image where I can extract the data using the lifutils (, probably that is the same workflow as if you would be using the original external floppy resp. Winchester drive.
I could already extract and read some CITIfiles, even though there are still some weird ASCII characters in there, looks like it uses a different carriage return. For the graphics files I am stuck, please see the attached file and tell me what it is and how to open it. I don't think its HPGL, but it contains some hints. If you look at it with the hex editor, you get lines like this:


Just remove every second A and you get 'WAITING FOR DISK', which is exactly what was displayed top left on the screen when storing to FILE1. Some more stuff like that in the file, dB, MHZ, RETURN (soft menu) etc... but the graphics???
Would be nice if someone could give me a hint! Thanks a lot!