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Agilent Logic Analysis Service agLogicSvc.exe not responding

Question asked by mllanes on Sep 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by mllanes

This is more or less a general question regarding the behavior of agLogicSvc.exe in a system. Over the years I have seen this in a number of analyzers and never understood the real root of the problem. Here is the description:

During power up the logic analyzer Info Center will display a Yellow circle and read "Local Analyzer is initializing". This message will stay there forever (at least overnight) and the agLogicSvc not initialize the unit. Rebooting the system sometimes helps but it has to be shut down completely (no restarts of the OS) for it to recover.

Uninstalling the Logic Analyzer application and reinstalling it helps and restores the frame (Info Center will display a Green circle). After windows updates or power ups the unit will break again and not initialize. During application removal the script will hang trying to remove the agLogicSvc and eventually fail. The agLogicSvc can't be stopped using the Windows Services Management.

Why this behavior? (software conflicts, hardware, FPGA loading, SBP2 Driver, Windows )

The models I have seen the logic analyzer application acting like this are:

1690A/AD Series
1682A/AD Series
16802 Series