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Convert design kit

Question asked by amir81 on Dec 5, 2014
Hi all
I have questions regarding how to convert a design kit compatible with older versions (like 2006) of ADS to newer ones (like 2013). 

I used aelcheck.exe to examine all .ael files. It added following information to one of my ael file:

// **ADS2011: db_get_instance_attribute: Status Deleted: Function is obsolete. See help for each individual attribute flag.
// **ADS2011: INST_PARAM_HEAD: Status Deleted: See paramIter = db_create_param_iter(instH);
decl paramH=db_get_instance_attribute (instH, INST_PARAM_HEAD); 

I replaced it with:

decl paramH=db_create_param_iter(instH);

but the simulator shows following error:

XXXX is an instance of an undefined model YYYYYY

and no result was shown.

Can anyone help me to rectify this problem?

Thanks in advance.