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86100D DCA-x with FlexDCA interface lack of a programming guide.

Question asked by RandyM. on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by dpalmisa
Why did Keysight decide to force a new interface which changes the programming syntax without having a downloadable programming manual? 

We bought a DCA-X with PTB option only to find out that option is only available in the FlexDCA interface. This means we need to update our drivers to support the new syntax.

That has led to a search for the FlexDCA programming manual which it turns out, doesn't exist.  You need to use an internal help file on the DCA.  I have limited access to this equipment which is slowing development of the driver. Have they tried cutting syntax from the help file and pasting it into your code like you can a pdf file?  

I have tried to think of a good reason not to publish the document without success.

Does anyone have any insight into this new support philosophy?