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MSOX2024A 2000-X Series feature / spec missing info ?

Question asked by deninnh on Nov 15, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by Fungible
I'm awaiting delivery on an MSOX2024A and while reviewing specs and features was unable to find several things that I'd like to know.

1) does this series have vertical offset control?  The remote commands have a "channel offset" which appears to be exactly that (or is it simply vertical position?).   I see no mention in the user guide of a vertical offset control to "inject" a +/- DC offset to the selected channel.  

*If there is no softkey equivalent, please, please get the firmware people (and of course marketing) to add it.*

2) what is the timing resolution of the logic channels?  I see 5ns minimum pulse but am hoping it's better than that (or perhaps there is a glitch / runt mode for the LA ?)

3) bummer that this scope does not have a 50 ohm input selection ... a 50 ohm termination in line with the scope input impedance no longer looks like 50 ohms.  I know, it's good enough for most uses but I believe the combination does have some peaking as you approach 200MHz.

Still, the new Agilent scopes blow away the offerings of my previous favorite (for over 30 years) scope company.  


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