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PNAX Win 7 Overwrite existing calset issue for win xp csa files

Question asked by rok on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by rok

I am using a PNA-X Win 7 version with 10.20.02 latest firmware. The issue I am encountering is with respect to recalling a .csa file that was created orginally on a Win-XP PNA-X. The first time I recall it, it was okay. However, for the 2nd and any subsequent recalls after that, I always get a dialog window warning 'The calsets listed above will overwrite existing calsets' message. However, I am not modifying any calsets that would warrant that error dialog message. My suspicion is that somehow, there is some unique Win-XP identifier that causes the win 7 firmware to think a unique calset is being copied to the system. If someone can confirm this and possibly fix this, that would be great.