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Connecting to an N8241A Via Lan

Question asked by frenchyraoul on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by frenchyraoul

I'm trying to get an AWG set up, and I am having issues getting the device connected for the first time. Following the Getting Started section in the manual, I have installed the IVI Compliance Package, the IO Libraries Suite, and the driver for the device (our CD was misplaced, I downloaded the driver directly from the N8241A page). I am trying to connect to the device via LAN.

My computer normally has a static IP. I deleted that, so there is no IP address associated with my computer. I have the device connected directly to my computer via Ethernet. Opening Keysight Connection Expert, I am trying to add a new LAN instrument. I have entered the hostname found on the device, and left the TCPIP Interface ID at the default (TCPIP0). The protocol is left at the default 'Instrument', with remote name 'inst0'. Testing the VISA address, however, I just get a timeout error.

My questions are- do I need to connect the device to the network in order to properly access it? There is no DHCP on this network, so if so, is there a way to statically assign one to the device? Otherwise, what other factors might be causing my connection issues?

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