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Synchronize PNA-L (N5239A,A.10.20.01) with an external source

Question asked by Bertl on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by daras
We are using the PNA-L in an Power amplifier test bench.
Because of the power levels present in the setup we use external couplers and attenuators and feed the signals back to the PNA using the external receiver access.
Recently we want to use an external RF source generating the sweep signal(RF Pulses, sweeping frequency) and using the frequency offset and the PNA receivers in wideband detection mode.
Therefore we set the external sweep generator (R&S SMBV100, generating RF pulses) to sweep mode using hardware handshake with the PNA-L (AUX1) 
(Following the guidelines in the PNA help-->Synchronize PNA with an External (PSG) Source). To keep them in sync we enabled interface control and send the ABORT GPIB command after the end of the sweep to the generator.

Capturing for example the A, R1,.. receivers before doing a calibration this works as expected. So the PNA-L and the external generator stayed in sync.
But as soon as starting the calibration wizard (Guided calibration, enhanced response 2-1) when pressing the measure button the PNA and the generator loose the sync.
At least before pressing the measure button they stayed synced.

Can there be anything done that they stay in sync?
They only workaround I see at the moment is to set the pulse duration for AUX to a few seconds such that I can manually start the measurement when the generator starts the frequency sweep.

Thanks for your help.