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Definite Length Arbitrary Block format for sending data to 33600A via VISA

Question asked by qcl on Feb 24, 2015

I want to create arbitrary waveforms using a 33600A Waveform Generator. We are sending the SCPI commands via LAN using VISA. The programming is done in IGOR Pro (by Wavemetrics). 

We need to be able to send up to 64M samples to the 33600A. I understand the SCPI command to do this would be:


IGOR Pro supports the VISA command viWrite, however, it does not support viPrintf. So we are sending data the following way:

sendstring = "SOUR:DATA:ARB myArb, #XX"         (the data to write to instrument)
viWrite(instr,sendstring,cnt,retcnt)                                                                (write the string to instrument)

What is the exact format of the ?

For example, if I have single precision data ranging from -1 to 1 describing a sine wave, how do I convert the data to 'binary-block' format before inserting into 'sendstring' and writing to the instrument?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!