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DMM 34405A USB connections bugS

Question asked by bonelli on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by michel

Yesterday I sucessfully installed all agilent softwares and connected the DMM on my desktop computer (win7 x64). Benchvue was working but I wasn't able to update the DMM firmware with the agilent tool :

"firmware checking condition set in engineer program is invalid"

I move to the lab today, and I have reinstalled the softwares and my laptop computer (win7 x64). I cannot connect any of my 3 34405A on the laptop (windows periph manager shows a IVI device badly installed)

The firmware update tool and all other agilent softwares don't see any device.

On both computer, in agilent connection expert there is a "update driver" button => "the agilent driver information website could not be accessed..."

Any ideas?
Thank you