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8753D. Firmware versions, CPU 000 option. Confusion!

Question asked by w2hx on Sep 4, 2014
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Hello all,

I have owned an 8753D opt 011 (and 000, 006, and 010) with an 85047A TS for a few years. I just got a great deal on a plain 8753D (opt 1D5, 002, 006, and 010) that will let me sell the opt 11 VNA/TS.

I began to compare the two and noticed that the opt 11 vna had firmware version 07.14 April 29, 1998.  The plain one is version 05.40: MAR 27, 1996. I was very surprised at the large difference in version numbers. 

After some searching, I found that version 7.14 required option 000 which is a CPU upgrade. Interestingly, I saw that my opt 11 vna has this upgrade.

I am interested in trying to upgrade the plain vna as much as I can. Then sell the opt 11 instrument. Can I (and would it be prudent) to do some swapping to allow me to upgrade to the latest firmware? Can I/should I attempt to move the CPU upgrade to the plain VNA? Will the firmware come with it (part of the cpu move)? What will happen to the VNA that gets the un-upgraded cpu/old firmware?

Basically, based on what I have here, can I keep the plain VNA and make it the "best" of both of them? Then sell the other, lesser, vna/ts.

In case this is of interest, serial numbers are:
opt 11 vna:US39172796 
plain   vna:3410A07172  (why doesn't this have a US in the serial number?)

Looking forward to advice on this situation.
Eugene W2HX
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