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setting threshold for Channels other than channel1, on the MSO7034B

Question asked by mteilgard on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by mteilgard

I am using the ":MEASure:DEFine THResholds,PERCent,90,10,9" command, but I am only able to change the thresholds for channel 1. I need to change it for Channel 3. The documentation does not give an option to specify which channel I am adjusting, and the above command only changes threshold for channel 1. Can anyone help?

EDIT: I managed to hack a solution like this:
    :MEASure:DELay  CHANnel3,CHANnel2
    :MEASure:DEFine THResholds,PERCent,90,10,9

But still, there has to be a cleaner way of doing this, I consider this an ugly hack. Anyone?

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