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Switch decimal mark for VSA sotware

Question asked by uracolix on Sep 11, 2014
Hallo Forum members, 

I get a list of numbers in my application from VSA Software via a SCPI request.

The list contains decimal numbers, but since it runs on german Windows, it uses comma as
decimal mark. 

VSA SW uses a period, if I configure the system entirely to english, but this causes trouble,
when entering password.

Here an example:
I get the tring 1,234,5,7,45,3 via SCPI which was originally 1, 234.5, 7, 45.3 ... to switch the representation 
to period as decimal mark is essential.

I would prefer a SCPI command, but if there is in the VSA Software a menu (which I have not yet discovered)
to achieve this, would be a great help!

Thanks, Axel.