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GPIB Connection issues on N5182B

Question asked by on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by lhornburg

I have a question about establishing GPIB connection between PC and MXG N5182

I am thinking to uploading multiple wave form files to MXG.

I just check API references which explain the way to open GPIB port between MXG and  PC( I am using VB.NET)
I simply follow API example

For example, 

  Dim Bin1Wav As New CCWAPI.AgtPBProject
  Bin1Wav.SignalGenerator.SetConnectionGPIB(0, 19, 0)

However, I am getting connection error
it says " AgtPulseBuilding.Engine.Exception.InvalidSGException: No Signal Generator Connection Detected:.."

I am not really sure why this happen this is because when I execute code, MXG is getting into remote mode. Which means that VB.NET code and SetConnectionGPIB function is establishing GPIB connection between MXG and Desktop.

I have attached screenshot of error 

Do anybody know how to fix this issue ?