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8590 series DLP "how-to"

Question asked by ka0wuc on Oct 4, 2014
I'm looking for some examples of start to finish in creating a DLP.

1- creating the DLP in a text editor with a PC (UNIX in my case, just FYI)
2- uploading the DLP into the 8591A 8593A etc with the HPIB interface
3- execution of the DLP

I've seen the programming guide and see bits and pieces of this topic and I'm trying to put it all together, like a K-I-S-S approach whitepaper that I can follow along.  Maybe I'm missing something, overlooked etc.  But I would like to find something to guide me along as I create a DLP, look at some examples of how they are stored into the instrument from the HPIB interface.

Ultimately I'm working on an application that would take the fundamental frequency and step thru the series of measurements with something like FCC 73.317(a)(b)(c)(d) with the limit lines and then have it step thru the harmonics.  I'll do my homework and write the DLP, but I'd like to see some examples.

On a side note I have a HP-8920B with iBasic and wonder if that type of programming style is used with the HP-859xA series of RF Spectrum Analyzers?

I've been pretty lucky and grabbing "TRA" in ASCII and using external C-language programs to provide the stimulus/response logic.  I'd like to be able to remove the laptop and have a DLP perform these tasks.  Any examples, I can reverse engineer the concepts.  I might not be an excelent programmer, but I can look at an example and "hack" my way thru it.

Kit Haskins