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Intensity control doesn't work on a DSO6104A

Question asked by swperk on Dec 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by swperk
I recently acquired a DSO6054A with a partially functioning main board that failed user cal on a couple of the vertical channels. Since I already had a DSO6104L (rack-mount LXI version) that worked fine, and since the part number for the main board in the 6104L is identical to the one for the DSO6104A, I decided to transplant my good 1 GHz board into the 6054A chassis. The new setup works fine with one exception: the intensity **** has no effect at all, and is not even recognized on the front panel keyboard test (although all of the other knobs and buttons are). 

Since the intensity control on the "L" scopes had no particular function, at least as far as I could determine, is it possible that there's a configuration jumper or setting that needs to be changed to let this new main board know that it's now installed in a chassis with a display? Although the original 6054A board didn't work properly, it did work well enough so that its intensity control functioned. I can't find anything in the service manual that addresses this issue.

Any hints/tips/clues/suggestions are greatly appreciated!