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N5416 USB Test App not working

Question asked by rdelario on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by ksmith

I've been quite frustrated with Agilent N5416 USB Test App. 
I'm trying to test HighSpeed Device. I've put my DUT into test packet, but the app keeps complaining as if it couldn't find the signal, to use channel 2 and channel 3, when I'm actually using 1132 differential probe on channel 1.

I've updated everything on my MSO9254A to the latest:
- infiniium 5.10
- USB test app 3.90

it's frustrating considering how many releases into this but something in the SW releases tends to break it. the last time we did a successful USB compliance testing was with infiniium 3.10 and USB test app 3.71. unfortunately, we had to upgrade to win7, then upgrading infiniium and all other software. 

when I look at the infiniium release notes, I don't feel confidence of the software releases.

could anyone help?