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Waiting for sweep on E5071C with VISA calls (

Question asked by bennyq on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2015 by takeshio
Hi, I have put together a program that can talk to the network analyzer over USB and communicate. I've been able to request SNP files and store them. The issue I have is that the process is happening almost instantly, while a sweep is taking around 5 seconds. To call a s2p file I have used...
:MMEM:STOR:SNP:DATA "D:\agisnp.s2p"
:MMEM:TRAN:? "D:\agisnp.s2p"

Then i store the ascii string to a file... I have tried to put the following to wait for a sweep
but i get a 1 returned straight away, indicating sweep is complete.

I can put my program to sleep for some set amount of time, although I would prefer the analyzer to let me know when a sweep is complete.