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Front Panel and AG82350 chip error at PNA application startup

Question asked by spinningturbine on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by dhamilton
I have a E8362B PNA (1.1GHz system, 07.50.67 firmware) that developed a problem recently.  When starting the Network Analyzer application, the initialization screen appears for a long time and I get an error box - 'Front Panel has experienced a problem and needs to close.'  If I choose 'Don't Send', the application will eventually startup, but I get a network analyzer error box - 'Unable to connect to the AG82350 chip.  GPIB control disabled.  Error code -3.'  The application will then function normally (because I'm not using GPIB for anything.)

The error code sounds like it may be a hardware issue, but I have multiple hard drives for this PNA, and none of the other installations is experiencing this issue.  I uninstalled the network analyzer application and reinstalled the latest version (07.50.67), but the problem did not change.  Any idea where I should look to determine what is interfering with the GPIB chip?