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Enable average function and set average count but N5230A only sweep once

Question asked by zhaoqy on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by daras
Currently I am working on a project which is using N5230A to test a cutoff frequency of a low pass filter. Since the measurements sometimes are not stable because of the probes, I want to use the average function to sweep 2-3 times and get the averaged frequency value. This is better to use this build-in function not just run this test twice or three times and manually calculated the value since there is a huge number of data about this test.

I set the commands to make average function ON and set the average count 2 like this below:

But when I run the script, after calibration, the NWA only sweep once and record the cutoff frequency value. 
I don't have any idea about it. Is it have some issues with the trigger or trace? Anyone who know about this issue?
PS: I set trigger source to manual and use INIT:IMM to send a trigger each time.