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N1911/12A synch'd sweeps with source - get data at end of sweep? or point?

Question asked by eirp_inc on Oct 11, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2014 by eirp_inc
After reading the App Note, Im going to try out the described method to use the trigger out of the sig gen to trigger a measurement on the power meter. CW signal measurement with 848 thermistor sensor.

What Im trying to understand is if its best to query to meter for the power meaurement at each point, or is their a fast way to let the meter gather a full sweep of data transfer the data and the end of the sweep, then combined with the frequency points to get freq, pwr values table? 

Trying to get this straight and understand best practice before coding.
Meas? Fetch? what is the best way.

Thank for any response.