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AgNA IVI driver version

Question asked by alan001 on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by alan001
Before we actually received our hardware (PXI M9370A) I had downloaded the IVI driver from the Keysight website so that I could get a start on coding (CVI).  The version shown as most recent on the website is 2014-01-07  When I received and installed the instrument and drivers, the IVI library is different (newer)  
Version Septembre 2014.

I would assume the more recent driver is recommended but if someone knows otherwise please let me know.

Also, there are differences in the available functions between these two releases.  In partictular I had coded up a measurement using "AgNA_ChannelMeasurementCreate();"  This function no longer exists in the function panel!  It seems I have a choice between:
ChannelMeasurementsAdd(); and

The descriptions are not very good but they seem to set up similar things based on the parameter list.  The main difference I can see is that ChannelsAdd() wants "ChannelType" as a parameter whereas the other does not.

BTW, where can I find the list of possible Channel Types, Measurement Types etc.  Please don't tell me to use "GetMeasurementCatalog()"  there must be some list somewhere.